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Mustapha Muhammad Tukur

In what many see as a national disgrace, the Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company (KAEDCO), Sokoto office, has disconnected the electricity supply to the home Nigeria’s first republic President, Late. Alh. Shehu Aliyu Shagari, situated at Sama Road area in Sokoto state.

A Source in the house who pleaded anonymity told Daily Star Nigeria that the incident happened on Wednesday after the KAEDCO staff had presented a bill of N6million to the Late president’s family as cumulative amount they were owing the Company.

The Source averred, “just few days ago, KAEDCO officials presented an electricity bill of N5million which they said we had to pay or get our light disconnected.

“We told them that the tradition has been that, the state Government usually paid the bills and not us, but they said that doesn’t concern them, we just have to settle the bill or have no light.

“Since then, the Secretary of the house has been making contacts about the situation but up till now¬† nothing happened.

“The officials showed up today [Wednesday] and have our light disconnected”.

When contacted by Daily Star Nigeria, staff of KAEDCO, who pleaded to have their identity concealed, confirmed the disconnection saying that they had waited long enough and showed enough respect for the “customer”.

“This is a company and our salaries are paid by our customers’ bills.

“That the bill would have to get to that amount shows that we showed enough consideration”, the staff said.

Daily Star contacted two Sokoto state government officials both of whom declined to comment on the issue saying they were not in the position to make any comments on the issue.

“I think it would be unfair to blame the state government on this issue before the Federal Government since the late President was a former President and not former governor”

“And you know that the welfare of the late president’s family rests solely on the federal government, if the state government assists, it is just out compassion and respect for the late President”, one of the officials said.

It is a tradition that former Heads of States and former governors enjoy some benefits from Federal or state Government part of which includes monthly stipend for the running cost of their homes.

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