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By Sani Wilson Enemona

Some yet-to-be identified gunmen suspected to be bandits have invaded three villages in Kebbe Local Government of Sokoto.

Daily Star Nigeria gathered that the affected villages were Rahin Gora, Fyade and Sangi.

It was further learnt that one person Aliyu Kuchi, was killed, and scores of person were carted away,and Cattles of cows were rustled.

An eye witness stated that: ” As people of the villages trooped out to engage in their normal social activities before preparing for farms as it is farming period, they unexpectedly see Unknown Gunmen in uniform like soldiers and pleaded them not run anywhere.

“In a twinkle of an eyes[sic] the number of the unknown gunmen Doubled and they cycled the entire village. Shortly after the invasion of the villages they began sporadic shooting of guns in the air.

“At the shooting Continue the people realised it is not the normal soldiers rather bandits/Kidnappers and people turned in coma for the fear of being killed or kidnapped.

“The bandits spent about thirty minutes of operation in the villages where they killed one person, kidnapped certain number of people who are yet to be know their exact numbers.

“In a meantime, the bandits Carted away with reasonable number of cattle cows during the attack.

“In the same vein as a result of the trauma inflicted by the bandits as a results of the attack people have begun to flee way from their respective houses to look for a safe place.

He further stated that up to the end of the attack no security came to their aid.t

However, when asked wether the community reached out to security agencies via telephone or any medium of communication, they said they did not.

They called on the government and relevant security agencies to come to their rescue as the bandits simultaneously attack many Villages. They left(bandits) Bush and trying to make Villages as their hideout.

They further commended the effort of Kebbe government for it commitment to end banditry in the areas by providing adequate security personnel for routine patrols.

They also thanked neighboring towns and Villages that keep accommodating them when they left their respective places in fear of further attacks.

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