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Malaysian university, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has earned 11 international research grants worth RM 600, 000 (61.3 Million Naira) from the Nigerian government through the Nigerian Institute for Transport Technology (NITT).

This was revealed by the University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ismail Ahmad Fauzi, on the university’s Facebook page on Monday.

In the post, the university posted in Malay, translated to English: “Congratulations UTM Centre for Innovative Planning and Development on successfully earning 11 international research grants worth RM 660, 000 FROM Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology, NITT, Zaria.”

In Malaysia’s 2021 budget proposal, education was allocated RM50.4 billion (over NGN4.6 trillion).

This is 30% less than what they budgeted for education last year, due to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Nigerian federal universities have been closed since February due to lack of proper funding by the Federal Government.

8 thoughts on “Malaysian University Earns 11 Research Grants from Nigerian Government, Country Budgets 4.6 Trillion Naira for Education”
    1. . Leadership madness is beleaugering Nigeria and you want to give your tacit approval. Do it openly so we know where you stand. With the level of crisis in our country and rate of.poverty especially in your part of the country how can we give money to countries who doname.more money to its education of a single institution than our entire education system. You are on drug bro , get help.

      The north wants to create Al vampirism in the south. We ain’t having it

  1. @Ibrahim Jibrila…yes, it is possible that grant was won by Nigerians studying in Malaysia; in any case, it is a great eye opener for using Nigeria to see the kind of budget a country gives to its education. For me, that is the most important message. Secondly, the fact that a transport institute in Niferia could extend such a grant to a foreign university speaks volumes about our priorities. But I would recommend that more findings be made to ascertain who actually won the Grants.

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