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Lawmakers of the Sokoto State House of Assembly on Thursday turned down a bill presented by the State Governor to rename all higher institutions across the state.

The deputy Speaker of the House, Abubakar Magaji who presided over the session while reading the order of the day notified the members about the bill.

It was however, rejected by lawmakers of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on ground of violation of the house’s tradition.

“We are not briefed about the message before it was brought to the chamber.

“This was against the tradition of the House. We will not allow any message from the Governor to be read,” one of the lawmakers, Bello Isa Ambarura protested.

His argument were re-echoed by his colleagues who matched on to the centre of the chamber with some of them shouting “no, no, no we will not allow that.

The protest continued despite sustained pleas of the presiding deputy Speaker on them to go back to their seats and allow the message be read.

When the session became more rowdy, the Presiding officer adjourned the session sine die.

Addressing the newsmen on behalf of the protesting lawmakers, Muhammed Bello Idris (Gwadabawa-APC) said “as par as we are concerned there is no message from the Governor because it was not read in the house.

“But we have been hearing rumours that the Governor has renamed some colleges after some prominent personalities. Those personalities are prominent not only in Sokoto or Nigeria but all over the world.

“So their names should be respected and what also they had contributed to their societies must also be recognized.

“As far as we are concerned the names of those institution of higher learning that were renamed illegally because it was not sent to the House for Approval.

“Because the laws establishing those schools have their names and to change them there must be an amendment on the law which was not done.

“So as far as we are concerned their names are still as they are,” he said

On their part, the PDP’s lawmakers said what their colleagues did amounted to disrespect of these prominent leaders.

The leader of the House, Malami Bassakkwace (Sokoto-South 11-PDP) what they did was a total disgrace to the founding fathers of the Caliphate and the state.

It would be recalled that, the state executive council had renamed some institutions after prominent personalities, including President Shehu Shagari and Sheikh Abdullahi Fodiyo, one of the founding fathers of Sokoto Caliphate.

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