Muhammad Auwal Ahmad, popularly known as Mohidden, is the CEO of Flowdiary, an edtech startup that teaches digital skills in the Hausa language to promote self-reliance.

Auwal was born and raised in Yobe, a northeastern state in Nigeria.

In an interview with Daily Star Nigeria, Auwal revealed,

“I was able to create startups in different industries such as e-commerce and edtech.”

He added that Flowdiary was founded in March 2022 to bridge the gap in learning digital skills in the Hausa language, supporting self-reliance. “We are a team of 10 members teaching around 40 digital skills to young people to help them build careers in the tech industry,” he said.

“The main challenge we are currently facing is a lack of funding. We need to expand to reach more young people and help them build careers in the tech industry,” Auwal added.

“We started teaching in early April 2022 on Telegram with at least 140 youngsters. To date, we have trained almost 10,000 youths.”

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